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horse training scottsville virginiaA good horse is a good horse and a great start is essential to the success of the horse and rider long term.  We use a natural approach to horsemanship with an emphasis on training based on how a horse thinks.  This type of training makes sense to the horse and has a greater rate of success in the long term, it also helps to cut down on behavior problems down the road.  Our babies are handled and socialized all along the way; learning basic manners from the very beginning as well as a basic trust of humans.  They spend time with their elders who teach them about life in a herd and the natural hierarchy.  We also separate the babies from time to time to allow them to play, learn and socialize in their own environment without the older horses. Both experiences play a vital role in a great beginning.  Everything you do with a horse is training whether you realize it or not so we try to make all of their experiences count.

horse training charlottesville virginia We have over 40 years combined experience with horses in a variety of disciplines.   We sell and start all types of performance
horses with a special love and passion for the working cow horse.

Mike has been riding and starting horses since he was a young boy using some of the old traditional methods.  As his training evolved he came to realize that gentler, smarter methods led to less injury and began to become an avid student of all of the great clinicians of our time. Horses are a lifelong learning process, we must always be open to new ideas; that is the premise of our training philosophy.   Kelly started riding later in life so she understands the challenges of learning to ride as an adult, the fear factor involved and the importance of matching the proper horse with the individuals level of expertise.

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